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your southern belle

Review Date: 08/04/2010

Price: $16.95/month

Bonus sites: None

Tags: nylons ass, booty shaking, ass worship

Ass info.

Total pic sets: 500+
Avg. pics/set: 45
Total videos: 350
Avg. vid length: 4 min.
Ass shots/pic set: 25 Ass-focus/vid: 2 min.
% ass shots/pic set: 56% % ass-focus/vid: 67%
Pic sets with anal: 2 Vids with anal: 3
% pic sets with anal: 1% % vids with anal: 1%
Main clothing ass seen in: thongs, panties, pantyhose, jeans, shorts
Ass rating 10/15
Ass-focus 12/15
Ass poses 8/11
Non-nude ass 8/11
Nude ass 5/8
Anal 2/9
Realness 8/8
Content amount 15/15
Content quality 4/8
Ass Site Rating 72/100

Rating criteria

Your Southern Belle samples your_southern_belle_big_ass_thong your_southern_belle_big_ass_in_lingerie your_southern_belle_big_ass_in_swimsuit

Your Southern Belle is an individual amateur website starring the sexy big butt Belle. While the site has a few "side" themes like hosiery, foot fetish, and some BDSM, the main focus of the site is on Belle's big ass.

Belle definitely has what you would call a "big butt." She isn't what I'd call fat, more "thick". While Belle's ass sticks out a bit, it's more wide and round than "bubble."


There are 500+ picture sets (40-50 pics/set). There's lots of ass content - practically every picture set has several shots of her ass in a variety of poses, angles, and different distances. There's a good variety of outfits her ass is displayed in, including nylons/pantyhose, panties, lingerie, jeans, shorts, swimwear. Personally I think there's too much emphasis on hosiery. But there are enough other types of outfits to make up for this.


There are 350 videos (2-5 mins. each). The content of the videos range from Belle posing solo showing off her ass in a variety of outfits (some nude some non-nude) to full out sex, blowjobs, etc. As mentioned, there seems to be somewhat of an emphasis on hosiery as well as fetishes like foot, facesitting, and BDSM. The quality of both the pictures and videos is quite high for an amateur site.

Yoursouthernbelle is a solid ass site. It's got the main "ass site ingredients": a sexy girl with a big ass who's into the content, lots of good quality content with an ass-focus. There's an overemphasis on hosiery, but overall I can recommend this site to ass-lovers.

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