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joon mali

Review Date: 12/01/2010

Price: $29.95/month

Bonus sites: None

Tags: thai ass

Ass info.

Total pic sets: 33
Avg. pics/set: 50
Total videos: 33
Avg. vid length: 5 min.
Ass shots/pic set: 15 Ass-focus/vid: 1 min.
% ass shots/pic set: 30% % ass-focus/vid: 20%
Pic sets with anal: 0 Vids with anal: 0
% pic sets with anal: 0% % vids with anal: 0%
Main clothing ass seen in: thongs, panties, shorts, bikinis
Ass rating 8/15
Ass-focus 7/15
Ass poses 6/11
Non-nude ass 6/11
Nude ass 4/8
Anal 0/9
Realness 3/8
Content amount 3/15
Content quality 4/8
Ass Site Rating 41/100

Rating criteria

Joon Mali samples joon_mali_doggy_style_thong joon_mali_ass_in_sexy_panties joon_mali_doggy_style_panties

Joon Mali is an asian teen site featuring sexy petite Joon Mali. Joon is billed as a "bubble butt Thai Asian Teen" which got my attention as asians with bubble butts are fairly rare – especially bubble butt asian teens.

Joon is described as having a bubble butt, and I guess she does, but it's a smaller, tight bubble butt rather than a big and round one like I prefer.


There are 33 picture sets. Each photoset contains on avg. 50 pics, and of these usually 10-20 are of her thai ass. Most of them show her ass in some sexy outfit like panties (full & thong), bikinis, or shorts. There are some nude ass shots, but nothing hardcore.


There are 33 videos (5 mins. each). The videos were a disappointment to me because they mainly just show Joon masturbating. Some of them have a bit of ass tease but not enough for my taste.

In conclusion, joonmali is a site with a very sexy, petite asian teen with a tight little bubble butt. Joon's ass is shown off okay moreso in the pictures than the videos. The site needs more content and outfit variety, making this a so-so ass site.

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