Kirsty Blue - Ass Review

kirsty blue

Review Date: 10/28/2010

Price: $29.95/month; $14.95/7-day trial

Bonus sites: None

Ass Factors
Ass rating 9/15
Ass-focus 10/15
Ass poses, angles 7/10
Non-nude ass 6/10
Nude ass 4/10
Anal 0/9
General Factors
Realness 5/8
Content amount 10/15
Content quality 6/8
Total Ass Site Rating: 57/100
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Kirsty Blue is an individual amateur nylons/stockings site featuring sexy UK amateur Kirsty Blue. There is a definite focus on Kirsty's great legs and ass, with 40-50% of the pictures being ass shots.

Kirsty has a very sexy ass. It's not that "bubble" in that it doesn't stick way out there, but it's got a very nice shape and has decent size.

For the most part, they just show her ass in panties & thongs - unfortunately you won't see her butt in other outfits like jeans or leggings. She does good ass poses like doggy position and bending over. The videos mostly show her posing in nylons and panties (with a good amount of ass-focus) but there are some guy/girl scenes - not full sex but fondling, handjobs, etc.

There are 276 videos (5-15 mins. each) & 284 picture sets (30-40 pics/set). In addition to Kirsty's sets, there are 447 guest sets.

In conclusion, there's no question Kirsty has a nice, sexy ass (and legs) and it is well-shown on the site. There is a fairly exclusive focus on nylons-related outfits which can get boring. But Kirsty is sexy enough and has a nice enough ass to be able to recommend kirstyblue.

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