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Review Date: 10/27/2012

Price: $34.99/month

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Tags: brunette ass, panty ass, ass licking

Ass info.

Total pic sets: 57 Total videos: 100
Avg. pics/set: 70 Avg. vid length: 20 min.
Ass shots/pic set: 13 Ass-focus/vid: 7 min.
% ass shots/pic set: 19% % ass-focus/vid: 35%
Pic sets with anal: 0 Vids with anal: 0
% pic sets with anal: 0% % vids with anal: 0%
Main clothing ass seen in: thongs, panties, hotpants
Ass rating 8/15
Ass-focus 10/15
Ass poses 7/11
Non-nude ass 7/11
Nude ass 5/8
Anal 0/9
Realness 4/8
Content amount 5/15
Content quality 4/8
Ass Site Rating 50/100

Rating criteria

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Michelle Lynn is the official personal site of the cute petite teen Michelle Lynn. I guess you would call this mostly a tease site, as there is no hardcore sex but there is lots of nudity, pussy views, and masturbating. There is also quite a bit of ass-focus - for a petite girl Michelle has a pretty well-shaped ass that gets shown in different outfits (mostly fullback panties).

Michelle's ass is actually pretty well-shaped for a petite girl. So her ass isn't very "bubble" compared to most other girls, but for her body-type it's got good size and shape.


There are 57 picture sets (65-75 pics/set). The pictures sets usually have 8-20 ass shots. There's a pretty good variety of outfits you see her ass in - the most common is panties but there's also some booty shorts, including jean shorts, and spandex. There's lots of good ass poses like doggy position.


There are 100 videos (15-25 mins. each). There are also 545 cam archive videos (55-65 mins. each). The videos all follow the same basic format - Michelle starts dressed in some cute outfit (most common - knee socks, skirt and fullback panties). She then eventually strips and masturbates. Along the way, there's lots of posing including lots of ass posing. You also get to see the cameraman bury his face in her ass but there's no hardcore action. Most videos have anywhere from 3-7 mins. of ass content.

All in all michellelynn is a pretty solid ass site, although I think you have to like Michelle's rather unique look and body-type. For me, she's skinnier than I like and I like bigger bubble butts. She's got kind of a "cute, adorable" vibe that I personally found entertaining, but not a huge turn-on. But if you like the young, cute look and you're an ass-lover than this is definitely the site for you.

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