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About Us

and by "us" I mean "me"...

Who am I and why did I start this site?

     I'm a former univerisity student (now graduated with a Masters degree and large student loan) with an obsession with ass. I started this site as a result of my frustration of not being able to find a reliable resource on the internet for real quality ass sites. In particular, I like big (not fat) bubble butts shown off properly - by "properly" I mean in a variety of outfits, angles, settings, etc. I also prefer sites where the women are genuinely into the content, which isn't the case in 95% of porn.

     I found it very difficult to find resources that listed sites like this. I found the best resources were discussion forums or review sites. However, with discussion forums you have to wade through tons of stuff you don't like to find a few things you like. I found review sites all tended to list the same ass sites, and most were professional/pornstar, which usually all look the same as well. So the idea for a review site dedicated only to the kind of ass I like was born...

How is this site different from other review sites?

     While other review sites usually only have one section about ass, this whole site focuses on ass, with all the categories related to ass. I personally review every site by the same "ass criteria" so you'll get a much better idea what sites deliver the true quality ass.

     Most other review sites also seem to list only professional/pornstar sites in their ass sections (go ahead, check some out and see). In my site I review sites from several categories so you'll get a way better variety of ass sites here.

What are the future plans for the site?

     This site is starting small at just 25 reviews. But I plan on writing reviews constantly until there's hundreds, even thousands, of reviews - all written by me from an ass-lovers perspective. My ultimate goal is to make this site the top resource on the internet for real quality bubble butt sites.

Can you contribute to the site?

     Needless to say, I welcome your feedback, comments, and suggestions (contact me here). With your suggestions for good ass sites or ways I can improve my reviews, you can help me make this the best ass resource site on the internet!