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Kylie Deville - Ass Review

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Review Date: 01/01/2015
Price: $19.95/month
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General info

Picture sets: 158

Pics/set (avg): 70

Picture quality:
850x1280 (med res)

Zipsets: yes

Videos: 76

Video length (avg): 8 min.

Video quality:
640x480; 2900k (med res)

Downloadable videos: yes

Currently updating: yes
Extras included with membership: personal email; bonus sites

Ass info

Ass shots/pic set: 15 (21%)

Ass-focus/vid: 1 min. (18%)

Pic sets with anal: 2 (1%)

Videos with anal: 2 (3%)

Main clothing ass seen in: thongs, panties

Kylie Deville is the personal amateur site of sexy blonde wife Kylie Deville. The ass-focus on the site is average, with her ass being shown mostly nude or in thongs, with the occasional set in other clothing.

Kylies ass is sexy, has a nice shape. It's size is a bit smaller than my ideal. Actually, for her petite, thinner body-type her ass has relatively good size.


There are 158 picture sets (50-100 pics/set). The ass-focus in the pictures is slightly above average, with a typical set having 15-25 ass shots. Most of the ass shots tend to be nude or in thongs. There is the occasional set showing her ass in clothing like jeans or yoga pants but not many. You'll also see some ass spreading and asshole views in the pics.


There are 76 videos (5-12 mins. each). The ass-focus in the videos varies - overall, it's probably below average. Most of the videos are straight amateur sex videos that focus on oral sex and have the standard ass views during the sex action. But there are a few vids that focus exclusively on ass, showing Kylie shaking her nude butt. Anal isn't a focus - I saw only 1 video with it.

Overall, kyliedeville is a nice little amateur ass site. The ass-focus is slightly below average overall - I'd like to see more pictures of it in clothing like booty shorts & leggings - but there's a decent amount of content focused on it.

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Ass Site Rating: 56/100
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