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Nalgas Club - Ass Review

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Review Date: 20/09/2014
Price: $49.00/month
Visit Nalgas ClubBonus sites: None

General info

Picture sets: 40

Pics/set (avg): 29

Picture quality:
900x1350 (high res)

Zipsets: yes

Videos: 158

Video length (avg): 12 min.

Video quality:
1280×720; 4000k (HD)

Downloadable videos: yes

Currently updating: yes
Extras included with membership: none

Ass info

Ass shots/pic set: 18 (65%)

Ass-focus/vid: 7 min. (65%)

Pic sets with anal: 2 (1%)

Videos with anal: 7 (4%)

Main clothing ass seen in: thongs, short shorts

Nalgas Club is a professional Japanese ass tease site. This seems to be one of the only sites I've seen dedicated strictly to asian ass tease, with a strong ass-focus.

The asses on Nalgas Club are very nice, nicely shaped, and sexy. There aren't really any big bubble butts since these are all Japanese girls who typically have more petite body-types. But for their thinner body-types, the asses are well-sized.


There are 40 picture sets (29 pics/set). Ass is the main focus in the pictures, with over half the pics in each set being ass shots. They do a very good job getting the right "ass poses" - so positions like doggystyle position, lying on their side, on their back with legs in air, etc. For outfit variety, it's mostly thongs, although there are some very sexy pics in shorts shorts, jeans, and jean shorts. There are also lots of very good nude ass shots, including lots of asshole close-ups.


There are 158 videos (12 mins. each). The videos are also quite ass-focused, with over half the time focused on ass. The videos basically consist of the models posing, mostly their ass, and holding each pose. They get very sexy ass poses, getting close-ups, then backing away for a further-out view. The outfits on the asses are mostly thongs, but there are also some shorts shorts, and tight pants. There's also lots of nude ass posing, including lots of asshole views.

Overall, NalgasClub rates as a very strong asian ass site. It is one of the few truly ass-focused asian sites I've seen. They do a great job with the poses and showing butts both non-nude and nude. The only drawback is the price, which is one of the highest I've seen. For that price I'd like to see more content, but the content they have is very sexy and good quality asian ass.

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Ass Site Rating: 66/100
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