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Review Date: 15/03/2015
Price: $29.95/month; $1/3-day trial
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Sites included in membership - Full List:
Site name # pic sets # vids Ass Site Rating    
AV 69 1143 1143 59/100 visit site read review
AV Anal 59 59 57/100 visit site read review
AV Stockings 259 259 48/100 visit site read review
AV Tits 492 492 n/a visit site
Ferame 895 932 n/a visit site
Gang AV 472 472 57/100 visit site read review
Hairy AV 305 320 n/a visit site
Hey Milf 532 532 51/100 visit site read review
Hey Outdoor 102 102 42/100 visit site read review
Lingerie AV 582 582 58/100 visit site read review
Pussy AV 172 172 52/100 visit site read review
Schoolgirls HD 135 135 49/100 visit site read review
Shiofuky 288 288 50/100 visit site read review
Totals 5436 5488 Avg. rating:  52/100

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JAV HD is a Japanese porn megasite featuring tons of asian porn videos and pictures. It is the flagship site in the JAV HD network, which includes 13 sites total.

The asses on JAV HD are for the most part smaller-medium sized. The girls are petite Japanese girls with thinner body-types, thus have smaller-sized butts.


There are 5436 picture sets (25-35 pics/set). There's not a big ass focus to the pictures. Most of the ass shots are simply nude or in thongs. There aren't many non-nude ass shots in other outfits. There are also sex action ass shots. This includes anal sex and gaping asshole pics.


There are 5488 videos (25-35 mins. each). From an ass-perspective, the videos are somewhat mixed. There's a ton of videos, so almost definitely you will find ones with a good ass-focus and with anal. I found for the most part there was a below average ass-focus to the videos. Ass of course gets shown throughout the scenes, but not really focused on. They don't show many butts posing in sexy outfits. Ultimately JAVHD is more of a general asian porn site.

Overall, JAV HD rates as a strong general asian porn site, but a below average ass site. There's not a lot of ass-focus, like non-nude ass tease. That said, you still get the standard ass shots in doggystyle position during the action.

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