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If you have a site with good ass content, a review from my site can be a great way to get more traffic. And what's even better is that you know traffic coming from my site is interested in ass, so the traffic is highly targeted.

Highly targeted traffic = higher conversion rates = more money.

A few things to keep in mind before submitting your site for review:

  • your site must have a valid 2257 statement.
  • your site must not contain any illegal content (e.g., child porn)
  • your site must focus on ass at least to some degree. For example, if your site is mainly an oral sex site chances are I won't review it.

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Linking to my site can further increase your conversions because surfers who read a review of your site are more likley to convert than those who don't.

To link to my site, choose the category your site best fits from the drop-down menu, then copy and paste the code for either the text link or button/icon.

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